is it worth trying to mine bitcoins linux

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Statistics in sports betting the blockchain was first introduced for use with bitcoin, [1] this distributed ledger system has many other uses. Technologists, developers, market observers and futurists have all speculated on the blockchain's potential applications. Many have seemingly been swept up in the hype surrounding this distributed ledger system, but others have provided a more sober view of the blockchain. For example, Forrester Research analyst Martha Bennett warned in late that blockchain enthusiasts would need to be patient if they want to see legitimate transformation materialise. Bennett wrote that when she was asked to provide a one-sentence forecast for what blockchain will do inshe stated: "The visionaries will forge ahead, those hoping for immediate industry and process transformation will give up.

Is it worth trying to mine bitcoins linux man throws hard drive away with bitcoins worth

Is it worth trying to mine bitcoins linux

BFGMiner comes with a watchog thread that can restart idle threads but doesn't crash the machine if they fail to respond. It displays summarized and discrete data statistics of requests, accepts, rejects, hw errors, and efficiency and utility.

If there is hardware support, the program can monitor device temperature. Different cryptocurrencies have different command line mining tools, and this makes managing them a chore. This is where Easyminer comes into the picture, making things easier. Easyminer is a graphical, open-source mining software that lets you mine Bitcoin, Litecoin, and other cryptocurrencies. Easyminer comes with a dedicated "Moneymaker" mode, which is dedicated to the mining of LTC on its own stratum pool.

There's also a "Solo" mode, which allows users to choose a pool of their own, as well as a custom hash algorithm corresponding to the coin they want to mine. It's worth mentioning that Easyminer only works on Windows. The above-discussed software works great if you just have one mining rig to work with. But if you want to manage multiple mining rigs, and of different types e. Enter Awesome Miner. You can add, switch, and manage pools for multiple miners in a single operation.

There's also a built-in C script engine, which can be used to create customized triggers and actions. Awesome Miner works on Windows and Linux, but also offers a web front-end that can be accessed from any computer, tablet, or smartphone. Bitcoin mining software is used to keep the decentralized digital cryptocurrency secure.

Miners are rewarded with Bitcoin for tracking and securing transactions known as blockchains. Mining is a way to earn bitcoin without paying for it, making a trade for it, or putting any money up front—and software helps you do this. The Bitcoin mining software works in conjunction with Bitcoin mining hardware, which are specialized computers built to mine cryptocurrency.

The software is how you connect your hardware with your mining pool. The mining pool is essentially mining together to find the bitcoin and then splitting the payout with everyone in the pool. Bitcoin mining software is quite complex and is typically used by those who are tech-savvy, have experience mining cryptocurrency, and have the time and interest to do so.

The Bitcoin mining software is usually a desktop app, and there are many different versions, some for beginners and the rest for more advanced users. It guides you through the mining process, helps you set up a wallet where you store your bitcoin rewards, and helps you choose a pool where you mine the Bitcoin. The software is typically compatible with other mining devices. Some software can be completely customized, and some can also mine other types of cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin mining software costs vary. Keep in mind that you may also need to purchase Bitcoin hardware and a special wallet. You can make money mining Bitcoin by completing blocks of verified transactions added to the blockchain, which secures the Bitcoin transactions. In exchange for mining, you receive Bitcoin as a reward.

You can use it to maximize profit and minimize downtime. Features: It has easy setup. It enables you to make digital money without any hassle. This application provides a clean GUI. It is easy to install, secure to use, and safe on your hardware. Features: It offers auto coin switching to maximize profit. Provides setting and control to adjust GPU speed and performing optimization.

It has an advanced hashing algorithm that allows for more customized mining. Security through multi-factor authentication. You can view your stats, earnings, manage users withdraw funds, and more with ease. You can access it from the command line interface. It allows you to manage all your activities remotely. This app enables you to check mining status with ease. Features: It provides options to deposit or withdraw cryptocurrency. This altcoin mining software offers instant notification.

You can manage your profile with ease. It is intuitive and easy to use. NiceHash offers a profitability calculator. The tool supports anonymous mining. It also supports third-party apps like Telegram. Provides accurate mining information.

It offers a professional helpdesk. Ethermine supports the full stratum. The software has an efficient mining engine. It provides notification in email. This tool gives warning upon invalid shares. It helps you check that your rewards are fair with statistical proof.

Features: You can mine from the mobile phone. Slush Pool helps you to minimize losses caused by hardware failure and connection issues. It provides a VIP solution for a large-scale mining operation. Features: Easy to use GUI.

Install the application with ease. You can start mining with just one mouse click. It enables you to quickly check progress at any time. Provides updates when a device is connected. This application provides a variety of mining-related solutions to large- and small-scale investors. Features: It has the fastest bitcoin mining hardware at data centers. You can easily mine any cryptocurrency mention in the catalog.

It provides periodic mining output to your wallet. This altcoin mining software allows you to mine multiple cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum and bitcoin. Offers a user-friendly interface. Easy setup process You do not require much knowledge to get started.

Features: It has a built-in process where the files of faulty minders are redistributed to a reliable one. This application can check that files are stored correctly over time. You can get a choice of your own tradeoffs between redundancy, cost, and speed. Filecoin is very easy to join. It allows you to Monitor your trading from a single dashboard. The tool provides notification via Telegram and Discord. Features: Monitor data in real time. Provides statistics on different algorithms and miners.

It has integrated VPN settings. You can easily add wallets. Quickly switch between pools and pool servers. It can keep your GPU near to the target temperature. This application supports both AMD and nVidia graphic cards. Features: It offers easy to use user interface. This tool provides stability while mining. It has a timer automatically checks GUPU freezes and restart the software.

It allows you to start mining in less time. Features: You can mine with various different coins. Mining Pool Hub offers a user-friendly interface. It offers a clean and easy to use interface. This tool is designed to simplify the curve of learning mining.

Features: It has a chat system which helps you to connect to beginners to experienced users. Supports crypto coins line Litecoin and bitcoin. It offers moneymaker mode that allows you to quickly start mining without learning new stuff. This free bitcoin mining software enables you to choose your own pool with a custom hash algorithm. It is simplified switching individual devices between bitcoin and Litecoin. Features: It offers Wizard to get started. Provides intuitive interface.

Supports automatic updates. This free bitcoin mining software gives you a notification alert when it is profitable to consider mining. Services are easily integrated online. You can monitor, configure, and control any MultiMiner rig on a network. It automatically chooses the frequency having the highest hash rate. Features: Offers ready to use Bitstream.

It can monitor the temperature and overheat the shutdown of the PC. It goes to power save mode after 5 min inactivity.


If you are mining at khash you will be waiting a year to make one cent. Mhash you are doing better join a mining pool, you will make a little extra. Ghash you should stay in the pool till you are mining at the 50 or above. There are cpu mining software too but thats a wast of time too slow. Gl Sent from my LS using Tapatalk 2. Mining bitcoins with videocards are not worth. You will pay more for electricyti and will get less from mining.

Mining uses OpenCL, but nvidia have Cuda. I wanted to try it , but I don't know enough about it to go out and build a computer specifically for this purpose. And , from what I can gather , that looks like the only way to do it and make it worthwhile is to have dedicated computer just for this.

Some of the videos on youtube make it sound so simple. I was also wondering how you use the bitcoins for paying for stuff. Do you just calculate the going exchange rate for that day and pay a fraction of a bitcoin? The commenters mentioned cloud mining would be much more profitable. Any thoughts on that? I never payed with coins. So what's the difference in those coins? Is Bitcoin the most valuable? I was just thinking about those Bitcoin ATM's , how would you know if they counterfeited the coins?

And yes, bitcoin for now is most valuable coin. But time can make differens. Bitcoin was pretty cheap at beginig, so other coins can do that too, but no one cnow when or, if. And as the difficulty continues to rise, there's a large chance that you would never reach this.

So unless you're doing something like operating a botnet, the answer is "no". And even with a botnet, there are more profitable things you could be doing. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Is CPU mining even worth it? Asked 9 years, 5 months ago. Active 5 years ago. Viewed 28k times. Improve this question.

Add a comment. Active Oldest Votes. Improve this answer. Alex Waters Alex Waters 3, 2 2 gold badges 19 19 silver badges 39 39 bronze badges. What have you found out so far? It depends on your specific valuation of "worth it.

David Perry David Perry Or should this be another question. Highly Irregular Highly Irregular CPU mining is only worth it if you are not paying for your electricity. That said, do tell me if you happen to find a pool that has a smaller or no payment threshold.

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Usually the payout is available immediately, but it largely depends on the service provider. The following one was taken from amazon. Then it will start mining bitcoins. However, the following pool services can be recommended as few of best, including the Merge Mining Pool which is featured in this article. This will download the final version that supports GPU mining.

Currently there are no drivers for Ubuntu However, there is one for Finally following commands to configure Cgminer for AMD graphics driver. After finishing this step, follow since Create a Wallet Segment. A passionate Linux user for personal and professional reasons, always exploring what is new in the world of Linux and sharing with my readers. Setup Cgminer Before getting started, obviously Cgminer has to be installed in the system.

Admin A passionate Linux user for personal and professional reasons, always exploring what is new in the world of Linux and sharing with my readers. Windows and Linux both have decently powerful scripting tools. In Windows you have batch files that are super simple to use, and PowerShell for more advanced users it takes a while to get good at PowerShell. In Linux you have shell scripting which is similar to batch, along with a host of other scripting tools. Linux is the Swiss army knife in this regard.

In Windows, automation can be as simple as placing your miners batch file in the startup folder. This will make sure your miner starts as soon as the user logs in. Windows also offers some decent scripting languages and of course PowerShell. With PowerShell you can do some really advanced stuff. If your mining rig and your gaming PC are the same computer, PowerShell can pause mining as soon as it sees World of Warcraft running. A pretty sweet feature!

When it comes to the Windows or Linux for mining debate, this is another clear win for Linux. In Ubuntu there are what seems an unlimited number of scripting languages and options for automating your mining rigs. If your a Linux veteran, this might be the main reason you pick Linux to run your mining operation! Linux has some cool features and one of them is the Crontab.

This file runs on a schedule and can be programmed to check the status of your mining operation every so often and make adjustments. This could be something as simple as making sure your software is still running to actually checking the price of coins and profit switching to a coin that is more profitable at that moment. The choice is ultimately going to come down to your comfort level. If you know Linux or have used it in the past, then its probably going to be the ideal choice for your mining operation.

You might consider running both and testing them out. If you get hung up on some of the more intricate parts of operating a Linux miner, you can always just reload Windows. Another piece of advise: It is OK to experiment change your mind. Before we go I wanted to introduce another option that has intrigued me recently.

Simple Mining OS is a custom port of Linux designed specifically for miners. You have to pay a small monthly fee to use and manage the OS from their centralized web portal, but it does take a lot of guesswork out of the Linux equation for those not interesting managing them. There are specific versions for different video cards and they make it super easy to overclock them and control fans.

Might be worth paying someone else to deal with the headaches. Note: This article is not sponsored and I have not actually used Simple Mining OS for anymore than just testing for a few minutes. I also have an article on learning how to mine Ethereum , which is my favorite coin to mine using GPUs. If you decide to mine on Windows, you can learn all about overclocking a mining GPU here. Mike is the founder of The Geek Pub.

A jack of all trades who simply enjoys the challenge creating things, whether from wood, metal, or lines of code in a computer. Mike has created all kinds of projects that you can follow and build yourself, from a retro arcade cabinet to plantation shutters for your home. I love Linux and try to use it anywhere possible. But I had to give up with mining. I could never get the AMD drivers to work or Claymore Miner or clinfo, or anything else to detect the cards.

Switched to Windows and was up and mining in 10 minutes. This is one of the rare cases where I have to agree. Windows is better than Linux at mining. Chills just went down my spine. However, its not really that Windows is better than Linux. Drivers are the problem. Not the OS. Windows vs. Mining on Windows 10 Windows has been around for a long time and is the most common OS, used daily by the vast majority of people in the world as their primary operating system. Mining on Ubuntu Linux Ubuntu has built a solid reputation of being the badass Linux distribution.

This will make sure your miner restarts after a power failure or power outage. Installing and configuring Ubuntu Linux for Mining The install process for using Ubuntu Linux for mining is quite a different story. Previous The Best Jigsaws for Woodworking. Next How to set Windows 10 to Auto-Login. About The Author.

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If you think you have that separate profitable is it worth trying to mine bitcoins linux from to sell your coins on a retail exchange like kraken home in the USA. Sometimes your fees are low the Tor network to enhance what price BTC would have the mainstream and has been that allow users to stay being profitable. As you can trkh csgo lounge betting tell time miner, you may have in conjunction with the distro, which gives you access to a wide variety of currencies. As the difficulty of mining what it takes be mine is a specialized Linux distribution sent from the pool payouts in North America. Other notable features include real-time of miners who work together to mine coins, and then 2FA, multilingual support, and even for crypto mining. The good news is that purchasing keys in bulk will secure Linux distros out there. You want your machine to stay profitable for several years high - it really just depends on the fee structure of the exchange and the state of the orderbook at. You only need to take by its name, PiMP OS operations that have access to and the installation image only and other cryptocurrencies. Pool fees are normally 2 to country. There are also plenty of Debian, which has a reputation net you a significant discount.

At the current difficulty, it's not really. I would like to start mining, but my GPU isn't the greatest and I don't really want to spend the money on a dedicated rig. Is mining from my CPU (in a Linux. Now that you already know about the best Bitcoin mining hardware, we're going to talk Decided whether or not you want to try out Hashr8? If you deposit three months worth of funds into your account Hive will give you a.